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How to turn on Developer Mode in chatbot : A Step-by-Step Guide

Enabling developer mode for your chatbot may provide you access to various advanced features and functions, allowing you to take customization and control to the next level. This article walks you through enabling chatbot developer mode and discusses its advantages. Let’s get started!

What is Chatbot Developer Mode?

Chatbot developer mode is a specialized option that allows developers to have more access and control over a chatbot’s behavior and capabilities. It enables developers to fine-tune the chatbot’s replies, change the conversational flow, and interface it with a variety of other systems and APIs. Developer mode is essentially a sandbox environment in which developers may experiment, test, and improve the performance of their chatbots.

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How to Enable Chatbot Developer Mode?

Enabling chatbot developer mode is a simple procedure that varies somewhat based on the chatbot development platform you decide on. Here’s an overview of how to enable chatbot developer mode:

  • Log in to your Chatbot Development Platform

Log in with your login details to your chatbot development platform. This might be a software program or a web-based platform.

  • Locate Developer Mode Settings

Once logged in, go to your chatbot development platform’s settings or preferences area. Look for developer mode or advanced settings options. You can enable the developer mode option here.

  • Enable Developer Mode

To enable developer mode, look for a toggle switch or a button under the developer mode options. To activate developer mode for your chatbot, click on it.

  • Customize and Access Developer Tools

When you enable developer mode, you will receive access to several customization options as well as developer tools. Modifying conversational flows, changing replies, integrating APIs, and testing functions are examples of features that may be included in these tools. Explore the numerous customization and improvement choices and become acquainted with the available alternatives.

  • Save and Deploy Adjustments

Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments and tweaks, remember to save your work. Depending on the chatbot development platform, there may be a dedicated button or option to deploy or publish your modified chatbot while in developer mode.

  • Iterate and test

Using development mode, extensively test your chatbot to verify that it operates as planned. To find and address any flaws or inconsistencies, use the provided testing and debugging tools. To improve your chatbot’s performance, iterate and adjust its behavior and answers.


Keep in mind that the particular procedures to activate chatbot developer mode may vary based on the platform. For thorough instructions relevant to your chatbot development environment, it is advised that you reference the platform’s documentation or support resources.

What are the benefits of using Chatbot Developer Mode?


✌️Enhanced Customization

Enabling developer mode allows you to tailor your chatbot’s replies to your unique needs. You can customize the bot’s language, tone, and personality to match your brand’s voice, guaranteeing a consistent user experience.

✌️Advanced Functionality

You may enhance your chatbot’s capabilities beyond its basic functions using developer mode. You may connect it to external services, databases, or APIs to do tasks like getting real-time data, creating bookings, and processing payments, among others. This opens up an infinite number of opportunities for establishing dynamic and efficient chatbot interactions.

✌️Testing and Debugging

This mode allows you to rigorously test and debug your chatbot. To verify that the bot offers precise and pertinent information, you may simulate user interactions, discover any errors, and fine-tune the bot’s replies. This iterative technique allows you to constantly enhance the performance of your chatbot.

✌️Seamless Integration

Developers frequently need to connect chatbots with existing systems, apps, or platforms. You may simply interface your chatbot with CRM systems, customer support platforms, e-commerce platforms, and other tools using developer mode, allowing for smooth data interchange and automation.

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Is developer mode jailbreaking?

No, turning on developer mode for your chatbot does not imply jailbreaking. It’s a valid feature offered by chatbot development platforms that give developers access to additional tools and features. Developer mode enables developers to optimize their chatbot’s performance and provide more complex and personalized user interactions.


Enabling developer mode opens up a world of customization, enhanced functionality, testing, and integration options. It gives developers the tools and independence they need to improve their chatbot skills and build personalized experiences that are consistent with their brand’s voice. With developer mode, you can unlock your chatbot’s full potential and provide extraordinary user experiences. So, get into development mode now and unleash the full power of your chatbot!

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