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Medical Cannabis Market Size, Research, Growth 2023-2031

The global medical cannabis market displayed a substantial market size valued at USD 10.2 billion in 2022. This impressive valuation is largely attributed to the escalated commercialization of the product. Predictions reveal a promising CAGR of 24.0% from 2023-2031, positioning the market at an anticipated value of USD 70.6 billion by 2031. Concurrently, the medical marijuana sector recorded a value of USD 13.8 billion in 2022, with expectations to surge at a CAGR of 21.80% between 2023 and 2030. This growth is spurred by rising awareness about the myriad of therapeutic applications, including pain management, appetite enhancement, and eye pressure reduction.


Medical cannabis, characterized by its therapeutic applications, is experiencing substantial growth due to the growing recognition of its medical benefits. It is classified into Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. These originate from the western hemisphere countries and central & south Asian regions, respectively. The ongoing trend of countries progressively legalizing medical cannabis is a significant factor. Governments are modifying policies to accommodate medical cannabis, responding to its increasing demand and potentially reducing imports.

Components of the Medical Cannabis Market

Medical cannabis predominantly consists of two components, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is acclaimed for its non-psychoactive, therapeutic properties, addressing conditions like inflammation, pain, and anxiety. In contrast, THC, a psychoactive component, is utilized for pain relief and nausea reduction but can induce altered states of consciousness. These components are extracted from Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, with varying ratios.


The global medical cannabis industry is an evolving landscape characterized by its dynamic growth and diversified applications. The market is segmented into different product types and applications, extending its scope and catering to a myriad of medical conditions.

From cancer to chronic pain and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, medical cannabis offers a ray of hope and a natural alternative to conventional medication. The regional landscape is equally diverse, with countries like the U.S., Canada, and Germany, leading the market due to progressive legalization and heightened awareness about the product’s therapeutic benefits.

Key Companies & Market Share Insight

The market is flourishing with key players like Tilray, Aurora Cannabis, and Canopy Growth Corporation steering the industry with strategic initiatives, mergers, acquisitions, and innovative product developments. For instance, Canopy Growth’s acquisition of The Supreme Cannabis Company in June 2021 is a noteworthy move, fortifying its global leadership position.

*These companies are not just expanding their footprints but are also ensuring high-quality, research-backed products are accessible, enhancing the industry’s credibility and consumer trust.

Product Insights on the Medical Cannabis Market

The global medical cannabis market, in terms of product types, primarily branches out into two main categories: Flower and Oil and tinctures. Each of these products has a unique set of benefits, applications, and market dynamics that cater to the diverse needs of consumers and patients globally.


This is the most traditional form of cannabis, often referred to as buds or nugs. The flower form is predominantly used for smoking or vaporizing. It remains the most widely recognized and used product, mainly due to its natural form. It offers patients a rapid onset of effects, which can be particularly beneficial for those in need of immediate relief, such as pain or anxiety sufferers.

Oil & Tinctures

Cannabis oils and tinctures have seen a substantial surge in popularity due to their versatile applications. These are primarily consumed orally or sublingually. Their measured dosage ensures patients and recreational users alike get a consistent experience. Tinctures, often mixed with other carriers like coconut oil, can be added to foods, and beverages, or taken directly. They are especially appealing to those who wish to avoid the potential harms of smoking.

Application Insights on the Medical Cannabis Market

Medical cannabis has a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications. The market delineation based on application includes:

Chronic Pain & Arthritis: One of the most common applications, cannabis aids in reducing inflammation and acts as an analgesic.

Depression, Anxiety & PTSD: Studies suggest that cannabis can help modulate emotional responses and stress, making it a potential aid for mental health disorders.

Cancer: Not just for symptom management such as pain or nausea, there’s ongoing research into the anti-cancer properties of certain cannabinoids.

Neurological Disorders: Disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourettes have seen symptomatic relief with cannabis.

Glaucoma: Cannabis can reduce intraocular pressure, providing relief to glaucoma patients.

Other Disorders: From migraines to Alzheimer’s disease, the potential applications of cannabis in healthcare seem vast and continually expanding.

Regional Insights on the Medical Cannabis Market

The regional scope of the medical cannabis market can be categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa:

North America: With both the U.S. and Canada having regions where medical cannabis is legal, North America leads the market. The acceptance, progressive regulations, and advanced research make it a dominant player.

Europe: Countries like Germany, the U.K., and the Netherlands are showing increased acceptance of medical cannabis. Also, several European nations easing restrictions or conducting medical trials.

Asia Pacific: Though traditionally conservative about cannabis, countries like Thailand have recently legalized medical cannabis.

Latin America: Uruguay was the first country globally to legalize cannabis. Countries like Brazil and Mexico are exploring medical cannabis avenues, making Latin America a region to watch.

Middle East & Africa: The region remains relatively untapped, but countries like South Africa have begun legalizing medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Market Segmentation

The meticulous segmentation of the medical cannabis market facilitates a comprehensive understanding of its expansive scope. The segmentation is based on product types like flowers, oil & tinctures, and diverse applications including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and several chronic diseases.

This segmentation extends to a regional outlook, involving countries and continents, enabling a detailed exploration of market dynamics, regional policies, consumer preferences, and market penetration in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and MEA.

Benefits and Applications

Medical cannabis unfolds a realm of benefits and applications, transcending conventional medical treatments. It’s instrumental in managing chronic pain, reducing anxiety and depression, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, and mitigating neurological disorders. The expansive application spectrum of medical cannabis is attuned to addressing varying medical conditions.

Factors Driving Growth

The driving factors behind the medical cannabis market’s growth are multifold. The legalization of medical cannabis across multiple states and countries, accompanied by its growing adoption in the healthcare sector, is propelling demand. Increasing research and development activities coupled with rising awareness regarding its therapeutic applications are fostering market growth. The alarming prevalence of chronic diseases globally, validated by WHO data, necessitates innovative, effective solutions, positioning medical cannabis as a formidable contender in healthcare solutions.

Challenges and Barriers

Despite the promising landscape, the medical cannabis market confronts several challenges. The FDA’s stringent stance on cannabis usage for treatment poses a significant barrier, with only a limited number of cannabis-derived and synthetic cannabis-related drug products currently approved.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental, causing a 32% market decline from 2019 to 2020.

Market Opportunities and Future Outlook

The medical cannabis market, rich with opportunities, anticipates an influx of innovations, research breakthroughs, and broader legalization. The mergers and acquisitions among cannabis manufacturers project a flourishing future, driven by active research, proven medical properties, growing legalization, and enhanced intellectual property rights pertaining to cannabis.

The market outlook is optimistic, forecasting an augmented growth trajectory and diversified application portfolio.

Key Trends in the Medical Cannabis Market

The medical cannabis industry is witnessing evolving trends, including personalized cannabis wellness, and the integration of technology in cannabis cultivation.

These trends are reshaping consumer experiences, product development, and market dynamics, contributing to the industry’s sustained growth and diversification.

Medical Cannabis Market Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the medical cannabis market accentuates its rapid growth, diverse application spectrum, and regional variations. The market analysis underscores the importance of understanding consumer needs, product innovations, market trends, challenges, and future directions.

The analysis elaborates on market dynamics, market segmentation, and evolving consumer preferences in shaping the market landscape.

Key Players in the Medical Cannabis Market

Prominent players like Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, and Canopy Growth Corporation are the industry’s pillars, directing market trends. These players are advancing the industry through strategic collaborations and innovations, ensuring that high-quality products reach consumers. Their contribution is vital in reinforcing the industry’s credibility, fostering consumer trust, and facilitating market expansion.

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